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Juniper Analyzer Output Type

The destination port can be on the same switch or on a different switch(Remote Analyzer). Value 1 specifies that the destination interface is on the same switch and it receives a copy of traffic from the source ports. The port does not transmit any traffic except that required for the analyzer session. The traffic for each Remote Analyzer session is carried over a user-specified Remote Analyzer VLAN that is dedicated for that Remote Analyzer session in all participating switches. A special vlan is confgiured exclusively for remote mirroring by marking it as analyzer vlan. Intermediate switches will have a few ports (minimum of 2 ports )as members of the analyzer vlan. These are the trunk ports which act as the link between the switches. The analyzer ports on the destination switch are also added to the Analyzer VLAN. Value 2 specifies that the traffic from all the source ports is copied into the Remote Analyzer vlan specified by the vlan name. In the source switch the anlayzer session destination is given as the analyzer vlan. In the intermediate switches the analyzer sessions have the source and the destination as the analyzer vlan. The packet will reach the destination ports as it will be a part of the analyzer vlan.


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