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ieee8021 Cfm Ma Comp Table

The Maintenance Association table. Each row in the table represents an MA. An MA is a set of MEPs, each configured with a single service instance. This is the part of the complete MA table that is variable across the Bridges in a Maintenance Domain, or across the components of a single Bridge. That part of the MA table that is constant across the Bridges and their components in a Maintenance Domain is contained in the ieee8021CfmMaNetTable. This table uses three indices, first index is the IEEE8021PbbComponentIdentifier that identifies the component within the Bridge for which the information in the ieee8021CfmMaCompEntry applies. The second is the index of the Maintenance Domain table. The third index is the same as the index of the ieee8021CfmMaNetEntry for the same MA. The writable objects in this table need to be persistent upon reboot or restart of a device. REFERENCE 18.2

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