CISCO-SYS-INFO-LOG-MIB - csilServerLastStatus

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csil Server Last Status

Indicates the status of the last system information logging process into the server. - none(1): initial state. No process has been started. - noLogFile(2): there is no log file has been configured. - noCommand(3): there is no command has been configured. - linkBlock(4): another process might have taken the rcp or tftp connection at the time the interval is due. - authError(5): authentication failed. - addrError(6): an error occurs due to the destination address is not reachable. - copying(7) : logging process to destination server is in progress. - writeError(8): an error occurs while copying logging information to the server. - success(9): logging process completed successfully. - ftpError(10): an error occurs during ftp operation.


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