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coifcc Cc Kind

The type of call control used to establish a cross-connect. If no value of this object is provided when a row is activated through SNMP, then the value 'provisioned' is assigned by the agent. For point-to-point cross-connects, the only sets allowed on this object are during initial row creation, and to change the value of this object from 'protection' to 'provisioned', which automatically changes the coifccCcKind value of the 'provisioned' cross-connect with the same coifccCcIndex value to 'protection'. A change from 'protection' to 'provisioned' is allowed when coifccCcRowStatus is 'active'. The use is as follows: provisioned(1) Provisioned by the user or by a management system using the Command Line Interface, SNMP, or other means of management access to the network element. automatic(2) Created automatically by the network element, without user, management, or control plane intervention. In particular, this is used to represent fixed interface cross-connects due to the presence of entities such as optical add/drop multiplexers. dynamic(3) Created by request from a control plane (e.g. from GMPLS signalling). protection(4) Created to include the second of a pair of protected interfaces in a cross-connect, when a cross-connect entry for the first interface in the pair is being created. Such an entry cannot be deleted directly. It is deleted when the cross-connect entry containing the other interface(s) of the protected pair(s) is deleted.


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