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With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a Cisco device in your network.


cl Mesh Node Battery Status

This object represents the status of the battery. unknown - Battery status is unknown. normal - Battery is operating normally and is in standby mode ready to takeover if input AC power supply fails. overloaded - Battery is overloaded when more current than the specified rating is drawn. low - Battery has low voltage when the output voltage is less than 11 Volts. acfail - External AC power supply has failed. replace - Battery must be replaced when it does not recharge fully and is at less than 70% capacity. missing - One or more batteries in the battery string is missing. The battery string has normally 4 batteries.


IPHost Network monitor allows you to monitor clMeshNodeBatteryStatus on Cisco device via the SNMP protocol. Download IPHost Network Monitor (500 monitors for 30 days, 50 monitors free forever) to start monitoring Cisco mobile switches right now.

MIBs list