CISCO-IGMP-FILTER-MIB - cIgmpFilterEditOperation

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Cisco Igmp Filter Edit Operation

The function of this object is to allow user to apply the changes in cIgmpFilterEditor objects to cIgmpFilterTable. This object always has the value 'none' when read. When written each value causes the appropriate action: 'add' - tries to insert the information contained in cIgmpFilterEditor objects into cIgmpFilterTable. If the entry already exists in the table the 'add' fails. 'delete' - tries to delete corresponding entry from cIgmpFilterTable. If a user completely deletes a profile that has corresponding entries in the cIgmpFilterInterfaceTable, then all the interfaces mapped to corresponding profile will be cleared and set to zero. 'modify' - Mode of operation used to edit an entry in cIgmpFilterTable. If the corresponding entry does not exist, modify operation fails. This mode allows user to extend/truncate a contiguous filtered range, type of Internet addressing and filtering action for a profile. 'none' - no operation is performed.


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