CISCO-IGMP-FILTER-MIB - cIgmpFilterApplyStatus

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Cisco Igmp Filter Apply Status

The current status of an 'add', 'delete' or 'modify' operation. If no apply is currently active, the status represented is that of the most recently completed 'add', 'delete' or 'modify' operation. The value of this objects indicates succeeded(2) state initially when no 'add', 'delete', 'modify' operation has been carried out. The possible values are: someOtherError - the 'add', 'delete' or 'modify' failed due to undefined error(s) in apply operation. (e.g., insufficient memory). succeeded - the 'add', 'delete' or 'modify' operation was successful. (This value is also used when no apply has been invoked since the last time the local system restarted.) inconsistentEdit - the 'add', 'delete' or 'modify' failed due to inconsistency of the data. entryPresentError - the 'add' operation failed as the corresponding entry already exists in cIgmpFilterTable. entryNotPresentError - the 'modify' operation failed as no corresponding entry exists in cIgmpFilterTable.


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