cHcAlarmVariable - Cisco High Capacity Alarm Variable

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Cisco High Capacity Alarm Variable

The object identifier of the particular variable to be sampled. Only variables that resolve to an ASN.1 primitive type of INTEGER (INTEGER, Integer32, Counter32, Counter64, Gauge, or TimeTicks) may be sampled. Because SNMP access control is articulated entirely in terms of the contents of MIB views, no access control mechanism exists that can restrict the value of this object to identify only those objects that exist in a particular MIB view. Because there is thus no acceptable means of restricting the read access that could be obtained through the alarm mechanism, the probe must only grant write access to this object in those views that have read access to all objects on the probe. This object may not be modified if the associated cHcAlarmStatus object is equal to active(1).


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Easy monitoring of cHcAlarmVariable with IPHost tools

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