cHcAlarmRisingThreshAbsValueHi - Cisco High Capacity Alarm Rising Threshold Abs Value Hi

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Cisco High Capacity Alarm Rising Threshold Abs Value Hi

The upper 32 bits of the absolute value for threshold for the sampled statistic. The actual threshold value is determined by the associated instances of the cHcAlarmRisingThreshAbsValueLo and cHcAlarmRisingThresholdValStatus objects, as follows: ABS(threshold) = cHcAlarmRisingThreshAbsValueLo + (cHcAlarmRisingThreshAbsValueHi * 2^^32) The absolute value of the threshold is adjusted as required, as described in the CHcValueStatus textual convention. These three object instances are conceptually combined to represent the rising threshold for this entry. When the current sampled value is greater than or equal to this threshold, and the value at the last sampling interval was less than this threshold, a single event will be generated. A single event will also be generated if the first sample after this entry becomes valid is greater than or equal to this threshold and the associated cHcAlarmStartupAlarm is equal to risingAlarm(1) or risingOrFallingAlarm(3). After a rising event is generated, another such event will not be generated until the sampled value falls below this threshold and reaches the threshold identified by the cHcAlarmFallingThreshAbsValueLo, cHcAlarmFallingThreshAbsValueHi, and cHcAlarmFallingThrsholdValStatus objects. This object may not be modified if the associated cHcAlarmStatus object is equal to active(1).


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