cddHostTolCfgEntry - Cisco Distributed Director Host Tolerance Configuration Entry - CISCO-DIST-DIRECTOR-MIB

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Cisco Distributed Director Host Tolerance Configuration Entry

An entry containing Distributed Director per-host metrics tolerance information at a priority level. If at a priority level two or more remote servers have metric values that are within a certain tolerance percentage of each other, they are considered to be the same and thus causing a 'tie'. In this case, the metrics at the next priority level will be used in order to break the tie. For example, the DRP RTT metric is given priority 1 and the DRP external metric is given priority 2; and the tolerance percentage value is set to 20 at priority 1. If server 'A' has the DRP RTT metric value of 100 and server 'B' has the value of 119, they will be considered the same because their difference is within 20% of the metric value of server 'A'. Then the DRP external metric will be used to select the best server. Entries in this table may be queried, created or deleted by NMS. Each entry in this table is dependent on entries in cddHostTable. If the associated entry in cddHostTable that has the same cddHostName and cddHostQueryType values is deleted, the entry in this table is deleted as well.


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