ccCopyErrorTable - Cisco Configuration SNMP Agent Copy Error Table - CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB

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Cisco Configuration SNMP Agent Copy Error Table

A table containing information about the failure cause of the config copy operation. An entry is created only when the value of ccCopyState changes to 'failed' for a config copy operation. Not all combinations of ccCopySourceFileType and ccCopyDestFileType need to be supported. For example, an implementation may choose to support only the following combination: ccCopySourceFileType = 'runningConfig' ccCopyDestFileType = 'fabricStartupConfig'. In the case where a fabric wide config copy operation is being performed, for example by selecting ccCopyDestFileType value to be 'fabricStartupConfig', it is possible that the fabric could have more than one device. In such cases this table would have one entry for each device in the fabric. In this case even if the operation succeeded in one device and failed in another, the operation as such has failed, so the global state represented by ccCopyState 'failed', but for the device on which it was success, ccCopyErrorDescription would have the distinguished value, 'success'. Once the config copy operation completes and if an entry gets instantiated, the management station should retrieve the values of the status objects of interest. Once an entry in ccCopyTable is deleted by management station, all the corresponding entries with the same ccCopyIndex in this table are also deleted. In order to prevent old entries from clogging the table, entries age out at the same time as the corresponding entry with same ccCopyIndex in ccCopyTable ages out.


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