CISCO-ATM-SWITCH-FR-RM-MIB - cfaAdapterIfVcQInqMarkThresh

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Cisco ATM Frame Adapter If Vc Q Inq Mark Threshold

This object defines the Marking threshold applied to the Frame Relay - ATM interworking virtual circuit input queue, on the Frame Relay PAM. The input queue is in the direction of Frame Relay/FUNI interface to the ATM switch fabric. If the fill level of the input queue for the Frame Relay - ATM interworking virtual circuit exceeds this threshold, the following will happen: 1. For frames coming into the Frame Relay - ATM interworking virtual circuit from the Frame Relay side, the corresponding cells will have the Explicit Forward Congestion Indication (EFCI) bit set in the ATM cell header, on entry into the ATM switch fabric. 2. For cells arriving from the ATM switch fabric side for this Frame Relay - ATM interworking virtual circuit, the corresponding frames will have the Backward Explicit Congestion Notification (BECN) bit set upon exiting the Frame Relay interface. The threshold value is expressed as a percent-of-full. Setting this object to 100 effectively turns off the threshold.


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