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interface Number Of Valid Entries

Number of rows in interface Table The number represents the physcial interfaces the module has. ::= { cardInterface 2 } SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF InterfaceLineEntry ACCESS not-accessible STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION This table has list of the physical interfaces and the services available on this module. ::= { cardInterface 1 } SYNTAX InterfaceLineEntry ACCESS not-accessible STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION An entry for physical interface INDEX { interfaceLineNum } ::= { interfaceLineTable 1 } InterfaceLineEntry ::= SEQUENCE { interfaceLineNum INTEGER, interfaceLineType INTEGER, interfaceNumOfPortsPerLine INTEGER, interfaceServiceType INTEGER, interfaceNumOfPVC INTEGER, interfaceNumOfEgressQueue INTEGER } SYNTAX INTEGER (1..10) ACCESS read-only STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION An index to uniquely indentify the physical interface and service. Indices 1..8 are used for VISM-8T1/E1. ::= { interfaceLineEntry 1 } SYNTAX INTEGER { other(1), ds1(18), e1(19), ethernet-3Mbit (26), ds3(30), rs232(33), v35(45), -- HSSI/X.21 -- Unable to find for X.21 interface hssi(46) -- HSSI/X.21 } ACCESS read-only STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION This object indicates the type of interfaces provided by this Module. These numbers are from RFC1700.


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