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function Module State

This object holds the status of a card in a particular shelf-slot. The possible values are : nocard(1) : card not present. standby(2) : card in standby state. The card is in ready state and will be ready to take over the service if the corresponding active card(redundant) fails. active(3) : card in active state. The card is providing the service. failed(4) : card in failed state. The card can come out of this state only after user intervention (Reset or running some CLI commands). selfTest(5) : online diagnostics is being run in card. heldInReset(6) : The card configuration is being cleared. No requests can be serviced. boot(7) : card in boot state. mismatch(8) : card is not compatible with the current configuration. Card was correctly provisioned earlier, however the card was replaced by an incompatible card. This state can be resolved by clearing the configuration, or replacing with the appropriate card. unknown(9) : could not determine the state coreCardMisMatch(10) : Controller Card(PXM/ASC etc) and SRM(Service Resource Module) combination does not match. blocked(11) : In case of 1:N redundancy configuration the secondary card(backup card) is covering one of the primary card and can not cover any other card in the group if there is a failure. Redundancy is blocked. hold(13) : The standby controller card assumes the hold state during PXM upgrades. In this state, the standby PXM will be running a different software but will be receiving all standby updates(BRAM and Database). This state is applicable only for MGX8250 Platform. notResponding(14): Response from the Service Module has become slow probably due to overloading of CPU. No recovery action is required on user part. At present, this state is applicable only for Router Blade(RPM). cardinit(17) : When the physical presence of card has been detected but the communication hasn't yet been established between the controller card (PXM) and Service Module. ::= { cardInformation 7 } SYNTAX INTEGER{ powerUp (1), parityError (2), watchDog (3), resourceOverflow (4), clrAllCnf (5), missingTask (6), pxmLowVoltage(7), resetByEventLogTask(8), resetFromShell(9), unknown(10), resetFromPXM(11), resetSys(12), switchCC(13), sCacheError(14), swError(15), upgrade(16), restoreAllCnf(17), driverError(18) } ACCESS read-only STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION Last reason for card to reset. The possible values are : powerUp(1) : power up parityError(2) : parity error watchDog(3) : watchdog resourceOverflow (4) : resource overflow clrAllCnf (5) : configuration of the shelf is cleared. missingTask (6) : task is missing pxmLowVoltage(7): low voltage detected on PXM resetByEventLogTask(8): resetFromShell(9): command is run from command shell unknown(10) : resetFromPXM(11) : Controller Card(PXM) reset the card. resetSys(12) : due to resetsys CLI Command. switchCC(13) : due to switch over CLI command. sCacheError(14) : swError(15) : software error. upgrade(16) : upgrade restoreAllCnf(17): restore configuration. driverError(18) : driver error. Valid values for VISM: powerUp, watchDog, resetFromShell and resetFromPXM. ::= { cardInformation 8 } SYNTAX INTEGER { other (1), lm-ASC (2), lm-DB15-4T1 (16), lm-DB15-4E1 (17), lm-BNC-4E1 (18), lm-DB15-4T1-R(19), lm-DB15-4E1-R(20), lm-BNC-4E1-R (21), lm-RJ48-8T1 (22), lm-RJ48-8E1 (23), lm-SMB-8E1 (24), lm-RJ48-T3T1 (25), lm-RJ48-E3E1 (26), lm-RJ48-T3E1 (27), lm-SMB-E3E1 (28), lm-RJ48-E3T1 (29), lm-SMB-T3E1 (30), lm-T3E3-D (32), lm-T3E3-B (33), lm-155-SMF (34), lm-155-UTP (35), lm-RJ48-8T1-R(48), lm-RJ48-8E1-R(49), lm-SMB-8E1-R (50), lm-3T3-B (51), -- HSSI/X.21 lm-HS1-4X21 (60), lm-HS1-3HSSI (61), -- HSSI/X.21 lm-HS1-4V35 (62), lm-12In1-8s (63), lm-BSCSM-2 (70), lm-BSCSM-4 (71), lm-BNC-2T3 (80), lm-BNC-2E3 (81), pxm-ui (500), smfir-1-622 (501), smflr-1-622 (502), smfir15-1-622 (503), smflr15-1-622 (504), mmf-4-155 (505), smfir-4-155 (506), smflr-4-155 (507), rj45-fe (511), mmf-fe (512), mmf-fddi (513), smf-fddi (514), rj45-4e (515), pxm-ui-s3 (1006), -- SRME back card lm-srme-1OC3-smlr (1050), lm-srme-1OC3-smir (1051), lm-srme-1OC3-smb (1052) } ACCESS read-only STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION This object contains the Line Module(back card) type. Physically it is behind the backplane, normally with connectors for physical devices. These are specific to the front or functional modules. DEFVAL { other } ::= { cardInformation 9 } SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0..20)) ACCESS read-only STATUS mandatory DESCRIPTION This object contains description of the line module.


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