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The MIB module for entities implementing UDP over IPv6.

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OID list for ibm-udpv6

A table containing UDP listener information for UDP/IPv6 endpoints.
Information about a particular current UDP listener. Note that conceptual rows in this table require an additional index object compared to udpTable, since IPv6 addresses are not guaranteed to be unique on the managed node.
The local IPv6 address for this UDP listener. In the case of a UDP listener which is willing to accept datagrams for any IPv6 address associated with the managed node, the value ::0 is used.
The local port number for this UDP listener.
An index object used to disambiguate conceptual rows in the table, since the ipv6UdpLocalAddress/ipv6UdpLocalPort pair may not be unique. This object identifies the local interface that is associated with ipv6UdpLocalAddress for this UDP listener. If such ...

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MIBs list