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This MIB module uses the extended OBJECT-TYPE macro as defined in RFC 1212.

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OID list for ibm-rping

Number of traps throttled since last trap.
Trap ID of throttled traps. All throttled traps counted by nv6saTrapThrottleCount have this ID.
Number of seconds which must separate consecutive traps with identical ID and resource name in order to not throttle them. If the value of this object is 0, then trap throttling is inactive.
The number of milliseconds it takes for an icmp echo request to respond. nv6saIcmpEchoReq is -1 if there is an internal error, -2 if the echo request timed out, -3 if the echo reply is not the correct reply, -4 if the packet size is too large, and -5 if ...
The number of file systems mounted.

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MIBs list