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The following main processor snapshot was initially defined for the IBM Netview management platform, which has a tool bar application to query and plot the main processor utilization of various products. This same MIB can be used to monitor the Nways router products main processor load. We have intentionally left this anchor point under the netview6000SubAgent portion of the MIB tree. This is in order to allow the tool bar application to continue to be supported.

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OID list for ibm-ibmcpu

A snapshot of the main cpu load as a percentage i.e. 25% is 25.
A table containing the average main processor load over each minute for the last 60 minutes.
An entry in the main processor load table.
Indicates the number of minutes ago that this entry contains main processor load information for.
The main processor load averaged over one minute represented as a percentage, i.e. - 25% is 25.

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MIBs list