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The Enterasys Networks Proprietary MIB module for entities implementing VRRP. This MIB provides read-write access to configuration objects not provided in the standard VRRP MIB (draft-ietf-vrrp-unified-spec-02.txt).

With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of the enterasys-vrrp-extensions-mib . You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the enterasys-vrrp-extensions-mib .

OID list for enterasys-vrrp-extensions-mib

Operations table for a VRRP router which consists of a sequence (i.e., one or more conceptual rows) of 'EtsysVrrpExtOperEntry' items.
An entry in the etsysVrrpExtOperTable containing the operational characteristics of a virtual router. On a VRRP router, a given virtual router is identified by a combination of the ifIndex and VRID.
This object contains the Virtual Router Identifier (VRID).
The current state of the virtual router. This object has six defined values - `initialize', which indicates that all the virtual router is waiting for a startup event. - `backup', which indicates the virtual router is monitoring the availability of the ma ...
Controls whether a virtual router in Master state will accept packets addressed to the address owner's address as its own if it is not the address owner. Default is False.
The time interval, in seconds, before the backup router will become master if vrrpOperPreemptMode is set to true.
The number of Critical IP addresses that are associated with this virtual router. This number is equal to the number of rows in the etsysVrrpExtCriticalIpAddrTable that correspond to a given IF index/VRID pair.
The table of critical IP addresses associated with a virtual router.
An entry in the table contains an IP address that is a critical interface. If the IP address goes down then the operational priority shall be decremented by the value of the critical IP priority. The operation priority shall not be adjusted for virtual ro ...
The assigned IP addresses that represents a critical interface.
This object specifies value the virtual routers operational priority should be decremented by when a critical interface goes down.
The current state of the critical IP address. This object has two defined values - `up', which indicates that critical IP is reachable. - `down', which indicates that critical IP is not reachable.
The row status variable, used according to installation and removal conventions for conceptual rows. Setting this object to createAndGo(4) or createAndWait(5) results in the addition of an associated address for a virtual router. Destroying(6) the entry o ...
Conformance group for VRRP Extensions operations.

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