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This MIB modules provides objects that allow management applications to commit persistent SNMP configuration information to persistent storage."

With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of the enterasys-snmp-persistence-mib . You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the enterasys-snmp-persistence-mib .

OID list for enterasys-snmp-persistence-mib

Setting this object to snmpNormalSave(1) will cause this device to exhibit what could be considered normal SNMP behavior, that is each SNMP set of a persistent object will be saved to persistent storage as part of the set operation. Setting this object to ...
Setting this object to save(2) will cause the current configuration that is stored in volatile memory to be written to persistent memory and become the start-up configuration. This will also cause any configuration information that is part of another mana ...
This object reports the current status of the persistent storage system when the etsysSnmpPersistenceMode object is NOT set to snmpNormalSave(1). other - The value returned after initialization and before any configuration changes are made when t ...
The value of sysUpTime when etsysSnmpPersistenceStatus was last updated. If etsysSnmpPersistenceStatus has not been updated since initialization the value zero is returned.
This object contains a descriptive error message if the last attempt to write to persistent storage has failed.
The data and time when the etsysSnmpPersistenceError was last updated. If etsysSnmpPersistenceError has not been updated since initialization the value '0000000000000000'H is returned.
A collection of objects providing support for delayed persistence of otherwise persistent SNMP objects.

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