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This MIB module defines a portion of the SNMP enterprise MIBs under Enterasys Networks' enterprise OID pertaining to Network management authentication notifications. This MIB was designed to be used for monitoring authentication events on the network management system by various remote monitoring mechanisms.

With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of the enterasys-mgmt-auth-notification-mib . You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the enterasys-mgmt-auth-notification-mib .

OID list for enterasys-mgmt-auth-notification-mib

Specifies the management notification types supported on this management entity.
The authentication types the management entity is configured to send notifications for.
The authentication type that was attempted by the user. Only 1 bit MAY be set in any given notification.
The username supplied by the user in the in the authentication attempt.
A value that represents a type of Internet address specified by etsysMgmtAuthInetAddress.
The Internet Address of the remote user being authenticated. The format of this object is defined by the etsysMgmtAuthInetAddressType object.
The MIB2 interface on the managed entity that the authentication request was received on. This object must return a value of zero if the interface is unknown.
A collection of objects providing basic instrumentation of network management authentication notifications.
A collection of objects providing authentication history information.

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MIBs list