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You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the ctron-smarttrunk-mib .

OID list for ctron-smarttrunk-mib

The state of Smart TRUNK capability for this entire managed entity. Default Value is True(1). If set to False(2) all smart trunks are put into ifAdminStatus down.
A table describing all of the trunk interfaces implemented by this host. Each trunk has a row in the MIB-II/RFC 2233 Interfaces table (describing the structure of the trunk interface it presents to higher layers). Each trunk interface also has a row in ...
Each table entry contains configuration information for one trunk interface.
A value which uniquely identifies this conceptual row in the ctTrunkConfigTable. The Table allows sparse values. If the conceptual row identified by this value of ctTrunkIndex is recreated following an agent restart, the same value of ctTrunkIndex must be ...
The Trunk's Name, just for informational purposes. It may be changed regardless of the RowStatus value.
Trunking protocol in use. Once the row is active, it can not be changed.
The type of load balance algorithm applied to this trunk. Once Row is active, the agent may override this value with an implmentation specific default.
The ifIndex in ifTable, ifXTable that is associated with the trunk that is represented by this row.
This object lets network managers create and delete trunk interfaces, on systems that support this optional capability. It does not control the activation and deactivation of these interfaces; they are controlled by 'ifAdminStatus' in the ifTable. Howeve ...
This table describes how local interfaces that are participating in a trunk are connected to remote interfaces. With this table, a management entity can determine that (for example) local interfaces 3, 4, and 6 are connected to remote interfaces 10, 17, a ...
Each table entry contains configuration information for one interface that is participating in a trunk.
The ifIndex of the interface at the other end of this part of the trunk link. If this value is 0, then for some reason there is no interface on the other side of this link. This might be a temporary condition or it might represent a real problem. Note: ...
Indicates whether this managed entity requires the LLAP updates to perform the trunking function. Certain families of products require LLAP (decHuntGroup Protocol) order for the Smart TRUNK functionality to work. A value of 1 implies that LLAP is necessar ...
The maximum number of trunks that can be configured on this managed entity.
balancing of a smart trunk. Assumes that load balancing is done on a flow by flow basis.
that smart trunk.
first operational.
A set of managed objects that make up version 1.0 of the CTRON-SMARTTRUNK-MIB.
A collection of diagnostic information related to interfaces participating in SmartTrunks; specifically to interfaces on devices that use 'flows'.

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