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You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the ctron-rate-policing-mib .

OID list for ctron-rate-policing-mib

Allows the rate policing feature to be globally enabled/disabled. A value of disable(2), functionally supersedes the ctRatePolicingRuleStatus of individual entries in the ctRatePolicingConfigTable, but does not change their actual values.
The value of sysUpTime the last time anything in the ctRatePolicingConfigTable changed.
This table allows configuration of rate policing rules on this device. Their are a limited number of resources available for rate policing, and this directly limits the number of rate policing rules that may be configured on each port. As a result this ...
Describes a particular entry of ctRatePolicingConfigTable.
This specifies a unique resource available for configuring a rate policing rule on this port. Each port has a limited number of resources available for rate policing. This index simply provides a mechanism for uniquely addressing each of these resources ...
This specifies the valid policing actions that may be taken for this port upon exceeding the threshold specified in ctRatePolicingThreshHold.
This is the action to be taken if the rate limit is exceeded. This value must be a valid action as specified by the corresponding ctRatePolicingActionsAllowed object. Also, no more than one action may be specified. Attempts to set this value outside of ...
The minimum rate limit value for this entry in kB per second.
The rate limit value for this entry in kB per second. If the rate is exceeded the defined action in ctRatePolicingAction will be enforced. This value may not be set below the minimum rate specified in ctRatePolicingThreshHoldMin.
This specifies the list of priorities to which this rule applies.
This object provides both control and status for the associated conceptual row in the table. The value of active(1) indicates that device is actively applying the rate policing rule defined by the other leaves in this row. All other read-write leaves in ...
This object counts the number of times the ctRatePolicingAction has been enforced for this particular entry.
This specifies the valid policing directions that may be taken for this port.
This specifies the direction of the traffic flow that will be limited.
A collection of objects providing device level control and status information for rate policing.

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