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You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the ctron-priority-classify-mib .

OID list for ctron-priority-classify-mib

Allows the Priority Classification feature to be globally enabled/disabled. A value of disable(2), functionally supersedes the RowStatus of individual entries in the ctPriClassifyTable, but does not change their actual RowStatus value.
The maximum number of entries allowed in the ctPriClassifyTable.
The current number of entries in the ctPriClassifyTable.
A table containing configuration information for each Priority classification configured into the device by (local or network) management. All entries are permanent and will be restored after the device is reset.
Describes a particular entry of ctPriClassifyTable.
The priority for this entry. Any packet meeting the classification criteria specified by this conceptual row will be given the priority indicated by this object.
The meaning of the ctPriClassifyDataVal leaf for this conceptual row. The ctPriClassifyDataVal specifies a particular value which, when compared to packet data, is used to classify that packet to a particular priority. The part of the packet (if any), to ...
The data value associated with ctPriClassifyDataMeaning. The explicit range of this value is any unsigned 32-bit integer(0..4294967295). This range may vary, however, depending upon the value of ctPriClassifyDataMeaning. Illegal values should not be allo ...
This object is the one's complement of a 32-bit mask. This mask is applicable to the data comparison of ctPriClassifyDataVal. The mask is applied to the actual packet data under consideration through a logical bitwise AND operation. This result is then ...
The set of ports on which this classification rule applies. Classification occurs on ingress. An agent implementation should allow a set operation of this object to create a row if it does not exist.
This object provides both control and status for the associated conceptual row in the table. Rows can be created in two ways. createAndGo - The specified row will be created and activated if the instance is allowable. If not, an inconsistentValue except ...
This object provides info about this row in the form of an ASCII string, suitable for display purposes. The intended purpose of this object is to provide an 'agent-specific' explanation as to why the ctPriClassifyRowStatus for this conceptual row is in t ...
This object indicates whether an IP Type Of Service (TOS) value, defined by ctPriClassifyTOSValue, should be written into the TOS field of the IP header for any packet matching the classification specified by this conceptual row. This object may be set to ...
The value to be written into the IP TOS field of the IP header of any packet that matches the classification specified by the conceptual row.
A table containing information for each of the priority classification types. Types for which there is no corresponding row are not supported by this device.
Describes a particular entry of ctPriClassifyAbilityTable.
The priority classification type associated with this entry.
The set of ports on which the classification type specified by ctPriClassifyAbility is supported.
Indicates the sysUpTime at which the last change was made to the ctPriClassifyTable.
A collection of objects providing device level control and status information for Priority classification.

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