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You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the ctron-entity-state-mib .

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A table of information about state/status of entities. This is a sparse augment of the entPhysicalTable. Entries appear in this table for values of entPhysicalClass [RFC2737] that in this implementation are able to report any of the state or status stored ...
The value of this object is the date and time when the value of any of ctEntStateAdmin, ctEntStateOper, ctEntStateUsage, ctEntStateAlarm, or ctEntStateStandby changed for this entity. If there has been no change since the last re-initialization of the loc ...
The administrative state for this entity. This object refers to an entities administrative permission to service both other entities within its containment hierarchy as well other users of its services defined by means outside the scope of this MIB. Setti ...
The operational state for this entity. Note that unlike the state model used within the Interfaces MIB [RFC2863], this object does not follow the administrative state. An administrative state of down does not predict an operational state of disabled. A va ...
The usage state for this entity. This object refers to an entity's ability to service more physical entities in a containment hierarchy. A value of 'idle' means this entity is able to contain other entities but that no other entity is currently contained ...
The alarm status for this entity. It does not include the alarms raised on child components within its containment hierarchy. A value of 'unknown' means that this entity is unable to report alarm state. Note that this differs from 'indeterminate' which me ...
Standard Entity State group.

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