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You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the ctron-common-mib .

OID list for ctron-common-mib

A textual description on the entity managed by the resident agent. It is mandatory that this only con- tain printable ASCII characters.
Define the hardware revision of the device or sys- tem chassis.
Denotes the type of chassis.
Denotes the number of available chassis slots.
Denotes the presence or absence of the FNB.
Allow an audible alarm to be either enabled or dis- abled.
Denotes the current condition of the power supply fault detection circuit. Setting a value of chassisNoFaultCondition(1) disables the current chassis alarm condition, and stops the current audible alarm from sounding. Setting a value of chassisFaultCond ...
Denotes the status performed on the UPS. A write unitOK(1) intiates the test. A read indicates status of test.
Denotes the percentage of battery capacity left, 100% being a fully-charged battery.

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MIBs list