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With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of the XYLAN-MGMTSTN-MIB . You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the XYLAN-MGMTSTN-MIB .


A management station entry.
The entry index for a given row. A row create is done by specifying a row of 0 with the new row values.
The IP address of this management entity. A delete may be performed by specifying the current row index with the new IP of 0.
The UDP port used by this management entity. This defaults to the SNMP-TRAP port 162
The community string used by this entity. Currently NOT implimented on a per NMS basis.
The trap mask flags for this entity. Currently this is four unsigned ints. The default value is ALL traps enabled to this entity -> f's. The actual order of flag words sent is 0->3.... In the Xylan agent implimentation, Enable and SA are taken from the fi ...
The enable flag for this NMS. if 1 traps are not sent to this station, if 2 trap are sent. 3 indicates that a row deletion is desired.
The SA priviledge flag for this NMS. If this is 2, this NMS can modify and delete any entry in the NMS table. Otherwise it is 1 and this station can modify/delete only it's own entry. NOTE: a station can't create a new entry for itself with the SA mode se ...
This variable is bound to the systemEvent trap. It indicates which system resource is in short supply. 10 Unspecified log event 11 Log file full 12 Log file erased 20 Unspecified memory event 21 Memory shortage 30 Unsepcified ...
This variable is bound to the systemEvent trap. If it is present it will furthor clarify the specific system trap.

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MIBs list