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The D-Link Secure Socket Layer MIB.

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OID list for SSL-MIB

This object indicates the Cache Timeout value for SSL module to refresh the session resume data kept in database
This object indicates the ciphersuites are enabled or not in the system. If the bit is 1 , indicate that ciphersuite is enabled , elase is disabled . ::= { swSSLMgmt 3} --not support 4-23 -- SYNTAX INTEGER { -- other(1), -- dis ...
The description for the certificate file name included full path to be downloaded . ::= { swSSLCertificateFile 2 } -- SYNTAX INTEGER { -- ca(1), -- inter(2), -- other(3), -- ...
This object provides the user to download certificate or key file. ::= { swSSLCertificateFile 5 } SYNTAX INTEGER { none(1), rsa(2), dsa(3) } MAX-ACCESS read-only STATUS current DESCRIPTION Show certificate file status.

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MIBs list