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This MIB module specifies the variables used to implement the Nortel Magellan Passport state summary functionality.

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OID list for Nortel-Magellan-Passport-StateSummaryMIB

The value of sysUpTime at the time that an entry in the compClassTable detected a change.
A list of component classes that have state information summaries.
A component class entry.
An object identifier which points to the SNMP Mib Arc for that particular component class. For example, a replication of ( components.lp) corresponds to the Lp co ...
The string representation of the component class object identifier. For example, ( components.lp) is represented as the string, LogicalProcessor.
The value of sysUpTime when an OsiState or OsiStateStatus change was detected for the component class. Currently monitored attributes include: AdminState, OperationalState, AvailabilityStatus and AlarmStatus.
The number of component instances that are down. A component is considered down when its administrative state is locked or its operational state is disabled.
The number of component instances that are troubled. A component is considered troubled when its administrative status is shuttingDown or its alarm status is not empty or its availability status is degraded.
-- "A list of all current accessible leaf objects.

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MIBs list