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This module defines the object used to monitor the entries pertaining to IPSec objects and the management of the IPSEC VPN functionalities for Juniper security product lines. This mib module extend Juniper's common IPSEC flow monitoring MIB, building on the existing common infrastruature, the security implementation integrates the value-added features for the security products

With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of the JUNIPER-JS-IPSEC-VPN-MIB.


The IPsec Phase-2 Tunnel Table. There is one entry in this table for each active IPsec Phase-2 Tunnel. If the tunnel is terminated, then the entry is no longer available after the table has been refreshed.
Each entry contains the attributes associated with an active IPsec Phase-2 Tunnel.
The policy name assoicated with this tunnel if the this IPSEC VPN is policy based. Otherwise, this attribute is not applicable.
This attribute indicates the IPSEC VPN tunnel is policy based or route based.
The user configuration states whether to monitor the IPSec tunnel to be alive or not.
This attribute indicates whether the IPSec Tunnel is up or down, determined by icmp ping if the jnxJsIpSecTunCfgMonState is enable. Down: VPN monitor detects the tunnel is down Up: VPN monitor detects the tunnel is up. vpnMonitoringDisabled: user has di ...

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MIBs list