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This MIB module is for configuration of the MAC notification feature. MAC notification is a mechanism to inform monitoring devices when there are MAC addresses learnt or removed from the forwarding database of the monitored devices.

With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of the JUNIPER-EX-MAC-NOTIFICATION-MIB.


Indicates whether the MAC notification feature is currently running in the device. Setting this object to false(2) disables the MAC notification feature globally. Setting this object to true(1) will start the MAC notification feature running in the device ...
This object specifies the maximum interval of time between jnxMacChangedNotifications being generated by the device. If the value of jnxNotificationsEnabled is true(1), the device will send out the generated jnxMacChangedNotifications and archive the MAC ...
Indicates the number of MAC addresses learnt by the device.
Indicates the number of MAC addresses removed from the forwarding database.
Indicates whether jnxMacChangedNotification notifications will or will not be sent when there are MAC addresses learnt or removed from the device's forwarding database. Disabling notifications does not prevent the MAC address info from being added to the ...
Indicates the number of jnxMacChangedNotifications sent out by the device.
The upper limit on the number of entries that the jnxMacHistoryTable may contain. A value of 0 will prevent any history from being retained. When this table is full, the oldest entry will be deleted and a new one will be created.
This table will archive the MAC change notification events generated by this device. The MAC change notification events are archived here even if jnxMacChangesNotifications are not actually sent.
A MAC change notification message that was previously generated by this device. Each entry is indexed by a message index.
An index that uniquely identifies a MAC change notification event previously generated by the device. This index starts at 1 and increases by one when a MAC change notification is generated. When it reaches the maximum value, the agent wraps the value ba ...
This object contains the information of a MAC change notification event. It consists of several tuples packed together in the format of '...'. Each tuple consist of 13 octets in the format of '' where < ...
The value of sysUpTime when the jnxMacChangedNotification containing the information denoted by the jnxHistMacChangedMsg object in this entry was generated.
Indicates the number of MAC addresses updated by the device.
All Mac Notifications are registered under this branch.

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MIBs list