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The unidirectioanl link detection module MIB for the proprietary enterprise.

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OID list for DULD-MIB

The management information of the unidirectional link detection.
A list of information contained in swDULDTable.
This object indicates the port index.
This object indicates the unidirectional link detection configuration status.
This object is determined by local and remote port supporting OAM and unidirectional detection. If both local and remote port support OAM and unidirectional detection, it is enabled(1),else it is disabled(2).
This object indicates the mode for unidirectional link detection. shutdown: if any unidirectional link is detected, disable the port and log an event. normal: only log an event when a unidirectional link is detected.
This object indicates the neighbor discovery time for unidirectional link detection(unit:second).
This object indicates the link status, which is a result of unidirectional link detection.

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MIBs list