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The CABLE DEVICE TRAP MIB is an extension of the CABLE DEVICE MIB defined in RFC2669. It defines various trap objects for both cable modem and cable modem termination systems. Two groups of SNMP notification objects are defined. One group is for notifying cable modem events and one group for notifying cable modem termination system events. Common to all CM notification objects (traps) is that their OBJECTS statements contain information about the event priority, the event Id, the event message body, the CM DOCSIS capability, the CM DOCSIS QOS level, the CM DOCSIS upstream modulation type, the cable interface MAC address of the cable modem and the cable card MAC address of the CMTS to which the modem is connectede.

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The object is used to enable CM traps. From left to right, the set bit indicates the corresponding CM trap is enabled. For example, if the first bit is set, then docsDevCmInitTLVUnknownTrap is enabled. If it is zero, the trap is disabled. DEFVAL {{}} ::= ...
CM must support docsDevCmTrapControl.
CMTS must support docsDevCmtsTrapControl.

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MIBs list