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A management station can use this MIB to provision, manage or delete one or more 'parties' on an ATM point-to-multipoint Soft PVCC(SPVC) connection. The user must add a root endpoint to the managed system before proceed to add one or more 'parties' to the root. The provision and management of a 'root' endpoint is beyond the scope of this MIB. Please refer to for the provisioning and management of a 'root' endpoint.

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This table contains mandatory 'party' configuration for all ATM point-to-multipoint Soft Permanent Virtual Channel Connections (SPVC). ::= { cwapConfig 1 } SYNTAX CwapConfigEntry MAX-ACCESS not-accessible STATUS current DESCRIPTI ...
This object identifies the Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) of the root endpoint this party is associated with.
An arbitrary integer which serves to distinguish between the multiple parties attached to a root of a point-to-multipoint SPVC.
The ATM NSAP address of this party.
The VPI value of this party.
The VCI value of this party.
The management station uses this object to trigger the re-routing of the party. * Rerouting takes effect, when this object is set to true(1). When set to false(2), no action is taken. * The value 'false' will always be returned on snmp query to this varia ...
The 'administrative status' of this party. DEFVAL { up } ::= { cwapConfigEntry 8 } SYNTAX WanPartyOperStatus MAX-ACCESS read-only STATUS current DESCRIPTION The 'operational status' of this party.
An arbitrary integer which serves to distinguish all parties on a node. This value is assigned by the managed system when a party is added. The use of this variable is implementation specific.
This counter is used by the management station to determine if a party had been modified and requires further action from management station. The use of this variable is implementation specific. This functionality is conventionally achieved by time stampi ...
This object contains physical description of the physical interface the root resides. The presentation of this object is implementation specific.
This object is used to create, modify or delete an entry in the ciscoWanAtmPartyTable. * A row may be created using the 'CreateAndGo' option. When the row is successfully created, the RowStatus would be set to 'active' by the agent. * A row may be deleted ...
This group contains the information of a 'party' per each SPVC point-to-multipoint connection.

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MIBs list