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The MIB module is defined to configure the Announcements feature on the Media Gateway Card. The Media Gateway Card will have the capability to play pre-recorded local announcements in switched VoIP solutions only. Under the control of a call agent, announcements can be played in either direction over existing connections (calls) or towards the Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) network on a TDM endpoint that is terminated on the the Media Gateway Card.

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This object records the maximum size of the Announcement table. This number consists of the maximum number of Announcement file names that may be kept on the Media Gateway Card. ::= { cwAnnounceControlGrp 1 } SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0..255) ...
This object records the time in minutes for a dynamic Announcement file in the cache to age. The Age time is the configurable number of minutes before a dynamic Announcement file in the Media Gateway Card Announcement cache will be invalidated and refresh ...
This object records the codec to be used for playing Announcements on an unconnected TDM endpoint. The default will be 'g711u' for a T1 Media Gateway Card, or will be 'g711a' for an E1 Media Gateway Card. ::= { cwAnnounceControlGrp 4 } SYNTAX Di ...
This object records the time for a dynamic play Announcement request to be serviced. If the Announcement subsystem cannot start playing the Announcement within cwAnnReqTimeout seconds since the request was received, the play request will be aborted. Zero ...
This table contains configuration information about different permanent Announcements that are stored on the Media Gateway Card. This table may contain up to the maximum number of permanent Announcement file names which is given by the value of cwAnnMaxim ...
Once a row is created, modification is not allowed on the row. cwAnnFileName MIB object is the mandatory parameter for creating an entry in this table. To delete an Announcement file entry, the RowStaus will be set to 'destroy'. ::= { cwAnnounceEntry 5 } ...

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MIBs list