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This MIB module provides management of voice tone signal as static injected tone for Land Mobile Radio The tone signal includes tone, pause, guard/idle tone. User can configure a sequence of tone and pause to be played out before any voice sample is played out. These tones are used to wake up the radio and select the radio channel. During the voice playout, a configured guard tone will be mixed with the voice to keep the radio active. For some radio systems, there is no need for the guard tone, but a configured idle tone is needed to inform the radio that the channel is idle. It is possible that the radio system will generate guard/idle tone. In that case, the IOS can instruct the DSP to filter out the radio generated guard/idle tone by enabling digital filter. Digital filter is able to filter out either 1950HZ or 2175HZ tone.

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The table contains the LMR guard/idle tone frequency and amplitude. It also specifies what frequency will be filtered out from radio voice input by dsp digital filter. ::= { cvlToneObjects 1 } SYNTAX CvlClassEntry MAX-ACCESS not-accessible STATUS ...
This object reflects which tone frequency should be filtered out from radio input. DEFVAL { digitalFilterNone } ::= { cvlClassEntry 3 } SYNTAX VoiceFrequency MAX-ACCESS read-only STATUS current DESCRIPTION This object reflects the guard/id ...
This object reflects a group of tones. The tones with same cvlSignalToneGroupIndex will be played out in ascending order of the cvlSignalToneIndex. ::= { cvlSignalToneEntry 1 } SYNTAX Unsigned32 (1..10) MAX-ACCESS not-accessible STATUS current ...
This object reflects the tone frequency in HZ. If the value is 0 then no tone will be played out and can be used to provide pause during a sequence of tones. ::= { cvlSignalToneEntry 4 } SYNTAX VoiceAmplitude MAX-ACCESS read-only STATUS current ...
This object reflects the signal tone duration.

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MIBs list