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This MIB module provides information about Voice Enabled ATM and Frame Relay Links used by the Cisco Switched voice protocol. The Cisco Switched voice protocol passes the default MAC address for its node to the next node in the path, in both call setup messages and keepalive requests and responses. This MAC address is stored at the remote node to identify where the incoming pvc originates. This information is then used by the Cisco Voice Manager Application to determine the voice network topology.

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This item defines the Default MAC Address used by this node in call set up messages, keepalive requests and responses.
This table contains information about ATM and Frame Relay Links used by voice over ATM and voice over Frame Relay calls.
The information regarding a single ATM or Frame Relay Link. An entry of this table is created when its associated pvc is enabled for carrying Cisco Switched voice traffic. The entry is deleted when its associated pvc is no longer enabled for Cisco Switche ...
A monotonically increasing number, starting from zero, that is assigned to each link that is currently configured to carry Cisco Switched voice traffic. If a link is later unconfigured for voice traffic, the number assigned to it will not be reused. When ...
The object defines the type of link, either ATM or Frame Relay.
The object specifies the iFName of the peer interface that is used for the voice over ATM/FR call. A zero length string indicates that the value is unavailable.
The VPI or DLCI used for this ATM/Frame Relay connection.
The VCI used, if it is an ATM connection.
The default MAC address of the node at the other end of the link.
A collection of objects providing the Default Mac Address capability.
A collection of objects providing the Voice Enabled Link entry capability.

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MIBs list