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This MIB module defines objects to configure and manage the Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) modules. VOA modules are typically used to attenuate channels added by a network element, in order to equalize the input power of each wavelength before the multiplexed signal consisting of all wavelengths is sent through an EDFA. There may be a separate VOA per channel, one VOA per band of wavelengths, or one VOA for the pass through wavelengths. VOA modules are also often used before terminating optical wavelengths at optical receivers, in order to avoid receiver saturation. The VOAs may be present on various modules within the network element, for example, on an Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (OADM) module, on the same module as an optical transceiver, or on a separate module of its own.

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This table provides objects to configure and control the attenuation on VOAs.
An entry in the cVoaTable provides objects to configure and control the attenuation level of a VOA at an interface, for a given direction.
This is the second index into the cVoaTable and indicates the direction for which the attenuation level at this interface is being controlled, in this entry.
This object is used to set the mode of controlling the attenuation level of a VOA at an interface. When the mode is set to 'manual', the attenuation level is configured manually, by setting the desired attenuation level in the cVoaAttenuation object. The ...
This object indicates the attenuation level applied at the interface. When the cVoaAttenuationControlMode object is set to 'manual', the attenuation level may be specified by setting this object.
This object indicates the value of sysUpTime at the last time the attenuation level was adjusted at this interface, in the given direction.
This object indicates the desired optical power level, after attenuation, at the interface. This object applies only when the cVoaAttenuationControlMode object is set to 'automatic'. In this mode, the attenuation level is continuously adjusted to maintain ...
A collection of mandatory managed objects that provide basic configuration and control of the VOA modules.

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MIBs list