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Specify a correct (non-negative) range for an index object. Also, correct typo which caused syntax conflict.

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Forces the snapshot state to active for all entries of the ciscoSnapshotActivityTable whose ciscoSnapshotIfIndex value is specified as parameter. The interface associated with ciscoSnapshotIfIndex must be a client interface. Retrieval of this object will ...
A list of Snapshot Routing configuration entries.
A Snapshot Routing configuration entry. A management station wishing to create an entry should create the associated instance of the row status object. It should also modify, either in the same or in successive PDUs, the values for the other objects if th ...
The interface to which this entry pertains.
When true, this router is the client snapshot router on the interface. When false, this router is the server snapshot router on the interface.
Indicates whether or not snapshot routing on this interface uses Dial-on-Demand routing.
The amount of time during which routes may be exchanged between the client and server routers.
The amount of time during which routes are retained and frozen between active periods. An instance of this object may only be present if the value of the associated ciscoSnapshotClient object is true.
The amount of time to wait and retry a route exchange if an active period elapses with no routes being exchanged. For example, if an interface is down (or a DDR phone number is busy, or a DDR interface is unavailable) during the active interval, instead ...
This object controls the action that takes place when the interface associated with this entry transitions to the `up' state while snapshot routing on the interface is in quiet mode. A value of goActive will cause the immediate transition to the active st ...
The status of this table entry. Once the entry status is set to active, the snapshot routing process will be enabled for this interface.
A list of snapshot routing activity entries.
A snapshot routing activity entry. Entries in this table are added for active row entries in the ciscoSnapshotInterfaceTable. If a row entry in the ciscoSnapshotInterfaceTable is set to notInService, or deleted, associated entries in this table will be d ...
An index value that uniquely identifies a Snapshot Activity Entry on a given interface.
The current state of snapshot routing for this entry. active means that routing information may be exchanged. quiet, only present on a client snapshot interface, means that routes are frozen, and that no routing information may be exchanged until the acti ...
The amount of time remaining in the current state.
The amount of time during the last active state, in which protocol exchanges occurred. The minimum time required to allow updates to be exchanged for a 'successfull update cycle' is the greater of 3 minutes, or 1/2 the active time. If the ciscoSnapshotExc ...
Index of the dialer map entry associated with this snapshot activity record. A value of 0 indicates that no dialer map is associated with this entry. An instance of this object will only be present when the associated value of ciscoSnapshotDialer is true ...
The protocol of the host that initiated the snapshot routing activity associated with this record. An instance of this object will only be present when the associated value of ciscoSnapshotClient is false.
The address of the host that initiated the snapshot routing activity associated with this record. An instance of this object will only be present when the associated value of ciscoSnapshotClient is false.
An array of bits that indicates whether or not routing information has been exchanged for all protocols. The most significant bit of the first octet represents the protocol associated with CiscoNetworkProtocol value of 0; the least significant bit of the ...
A collection of objects providing snapshot routing ability to a Cisco agent.

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MIBs list