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The MIB module for downloading files to the Service Modules specifically designed for an architecture containing a controller card and a group of sub- ordinate cards or service modules (as in a Switch). These files could contain information for performing any specific operation on the modules. For example, they could contain information on statistics retrieval like, the statistics type, bucket interval etc. The format of these files is implementation dependent.

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A table of files that have been downloaded on some non- volatile storage (For example: Hard Disk, Flash Disk etc) on the controller card by mechanisms such as ftp, tftp etc and available for transfer to applicable service modules.
Information for processing the file to be downloaded to service modules. To process a file an application creates an entry in this table. This entry contains information on the file name (csDefineFileName), file operation i.e whether to download contents ...
An integer to uniquely identify this entry.
The name of the file that has been downloaded on some non-volatile storage on the controller card. Explicit device or path names could be prepended to the file name.
An integer that specifies the slot number of the service module to which the file needs to be downloaded. A value of 100 would indicate that file needs to be downloaded to all applicable service modules.
The overall status of the file validation and service module download as surmised by the controller card. A more detailed status on service module downloads could be obtained in csFileStatusTable which stores download information specific to a particular ...
An integer that defines the file operation: sendToSMsOnly - send file contents saved in database to all applicable service modules. updateAndSend - validate file, save contents into database and send to all applicable service modules. The database here re ...
The control that allows creation, modification, and deletion of entries. For detailed rules see the DESCRIPTION for csDefineFileEntry.
A table containing status of the downloaded file for each applicable service module.
Status of file download to a particular service module. Entries start to exist in this table only when csDefineFileStatus has been set to 'inProgress'. The number of entries per csFileStatusTable is dependant on csDefineSlotNumber specified. If a valid sl ...
Slot number that has an applicable service module.
The status of the file download to each applicable service module. This status is specific to each slot. inProgress currently downloading file to service module notProcessed not started downloading to service module success successfully downloaded file ...
File download management.
File status management for applicable service modules.

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MIBs list