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This MIB module defines objects describing traffic controllers used by a service control entity. A service control entity is a network device which monitors and controls traffic. The service control enitity is used as a platform for different service control applications which may perform monitoring operations beyond packet counting and delve deeper into the contents of network traffic, such as deep packet inspection. It provides programmable stateful inspection of bidirectional traffic flows, maps these flows to users or subscribers, and can control traffic flow according to different attributes. A service control entity traffic controller can act as a rather simple policer or implement more complicated logic in controlling traffic, up to actual applicative attributes of the traffic itself. The global service controller is a controller component implemented by the service control entity, which acts as a rather simple policer for traffic transiting through the service control entity. A global service controller may be configured per service control entity interface with a configurable bandwidth limitation. The controller is responsible for the enforcement of the bandwith limitation configured in the service control entity.

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This table contains data for each global service controller in the service control entity. The table has an expansion dependent relationship on the entPhysicalTable, containing zero or more rows for each physical entity.
This entry contains the operational data for the global service controller associated with the service control entity identified by its assigned entPhysicalIndex. Each entry uniquely identifies a global controller by its index. The
This object indicates an arbitrary integer-value that uniquely identifies a global service controller.
This object indicates the unique id assigned to this global controller by the service control entity.
This object indicates a human readable string which is the name associated with this global service controller.
An enumerated value which identifies the units for cscGlobalControllersBandwidth value, such as 'kbps' (kilobit per second), 'mbps' (megabit per second), etc.
This object indicates the bandwidth limitation for this global controller to enforce. The units of cscGlobalControllersBandwidth are indicated by the value of cscGlobalControllersBandwidthUnits.
This object specifies the percentage of utilized bandwidth of the controller out of the configured bandwidth limitation by the cscGlobalControllersBandwidth. For example, if cscGlobalControllersBandwidth = 1000 kbps and cscGlobalControllersUtilization = 6 ...
This group is a collection of objects that describes the global controllers statistics for service control entity.

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MIBs list