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MIB module for displaying and configuring accounting and Secure Shell (SSH) related features in a device. SSH is a program to log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine and to move files from one machine to another. It provides strong authentication and secure communications over unsecure channels.

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Enables or disables the Secure Shell (SSH) service on the device. DEFVAL { false } ::= { cssConfiguration 1 } SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF CssKeyEntry MAX-ACCESS not-accessible STATUS current DESCRIPTION cssKeyTable is a table that lets the user ...
A SSH key table entry. The index specifies which protocol the user wants to generate the key for. To create the key for a protocol (for the first time), following steps are to be taken by the Network Management System. 1. Choose the Protocol, by specifyin ...
The SSH Protocol Identifier for which this entry pertains to. The protocol can be rsa1, dsa or rsa. rsa - A public-key cryptosystem defined by Rivest, Shamir and Adleman. This is used with version 2 of the SSH. rsa1 - Same as rsa, but this is used with v ...
The number of bits provided to generate the key. This determines the length of the kestring generated by the SSH. This object cannot be modified while this row is active, unless the associated cssKeyOverWrite object is set to True in the same Set PDU.
This object specifies whether an existing key for the protocol should be overwritten with a new key. No action is taken if this object is set to 'false'. The value of this object when read is always 'false'.
The time of the last creation of the key.
Status of this row.
The SSH public key string that is generated.
The object indicates which versions of Secure Shell protocol are supported by the device. If the bit 'v1' is set to 1, it indicates that the device supports SSH protocol version 1. If the bit 'v2' is set to 1, it indicates that the device supports SSH pro ...
This object specifies which versions of Secure Shell protocol connections that device will accept from Secure Shell clients. If the bit 'v1' is set to 1, the device will accept SSH version 1 connections. If the bit 'v2' is set to 1, the device will accept ...
This object specifies the status of the last key generation request.
Table to list detailed information about existing Secure Shell sessions on the device.
An entry in the cssSessionTable, that provides detailed information about all the existing SSH sessions on the device. An entry will be created for every SSH session established on the device. The entry will be removed upon termination of the SSH session.
An arbitrary index that uniquely identifies a Secure Shell Session
The object indicates the version of Secure Shell used by this session.
The object indicates the current state of Secure Shell Session. The state sshSessionVersionOk(1) indicates that server and client versions of SSH are exchanged and are compatible. The state sshSessionKeysExchanged(2) indicates that key exchange has been c ...
The object indicates the process ID of the process serving this SSH session on the device.
The object indicates user name associated with this SSH session.
This object describes the type of Internet address used by host associated with this SSH session.
The object indicates the Internet address of the host associated with this SSH session.
A collection of objects for SSH configuration.
A collection of objects for SSH configuration.
A collection of objects for SSH mode configuration.
A collection of objects to display SSH session related information.
A collection of objects for SSH configuration.

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MIBs list