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A MIB for controlling SAA APM. APM provides a framework for running scripts, written in TCL language, which help emulate the data flows of an application. Through this emulation, the performance of an application across a network can be computed. The parameters required to perform an operation are defined in a 'config file' as defined by saaApmCtrlScriptCfgURL. This MIB has three OBJECT group. 'saaApmAppl' group contains global objects while 'saaApmCtrl' group contains the objects to control the APM operation. Controlling includes creation and deletion of the operation and initiating a result-transfer for the operation. 'saaApmOper' group contains objects to get the statistics of the operation.

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SAA APM application major version.
SAA APM application minor version.
This object defines the maximum total number of operations that can be configured.
If APM determines that the available free processor memory has fallen below this mark, new operations will not be configurable until the amount of available free memory is greater than this mark. Available free memory is indicated by the object, ciscoMemo ...
This object defines the number of new operations that can be configured on the device. The number is obtain by dividing the memory available for APM by the average memory used for each APM operation. The available memory for APM is computed by taking the ...
A set of parameters to create, control and destroy an APM Operation.
Parameters for controlling APM operation.
This object uniquely identifies a row int the saaApmCtrlTable. This is a pseudo-random number selected by the management station when creating a row via the saaApmCtrlStatus object. If the pseudo-random number is already in use, an 'inconsistentValue' err ...
This URL defines the location of the config file required to measure the performance of the application. It also defines which protocol should be used in downloading the file. For example ftp://joe:mybirthday@myhost/smtp/smtp.cfg The config file contains ...
Identifies the entity that created this table row.
This object is set to TRUE to initiate result transfer. Results are transferred to a server specified in the control file. It is set back automatically to 'false' by this system once the results are transferred.
This object indicates the time of the last result transfer attempt.
This object indicates the status of the result transfer.
saaApmControlScriptCfgURL is the only required object for this row to become 'active'. APM operations are created in one of two ways: 1) By setting this object to 'createAndGo' and supplying a values for saaApmControlScriptCfgURL as part of the same set o ...
This object is to allow or disallow the operation control info from being written to running-config. It cannot be set once the operation is 'active'.
A list of Operational status for monitoring APM Operations. All the object in this table are updated after the completion of performance measurement cycle.
An entry containing the status information applicable to a particular APM operation.
This object represents the start time of the last performance measurement cycle for the application specified by saaApmCtrlScriptCfgURL object.
This object represents the end time of the last performance measurement cycle for the application specified by saaApmCtrlScriptCfgURL object.
This object is used to indicate status of the last measurement cycle.
A collection of objects to provide the general information of SAA APM management.
A collection of objects to control the APM Operations.
A collection of objects to provide the operational status of APM Operations.

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MIBs list