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This MIB is intended for devices powered by external power sources, in particular Power Over Ethernet (PoE or formerly called inline power), to provide power usage configuration and information for NMS. For example, PoE supplies DC power over standard Category 5 unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable. Instead of requiring wall power, powered devices such as IP telephones can utilize power provided from power source equipments. By using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), powered devices can negotiated with power source equipment to obtain optimum power supply.

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This identifies the currently how much power is consummed by the device at which this agent is running. The level shall be one of the cpoePdSupportedPowerLevel in the cpoePdSupportedPowerTable.
This is the current power source type obtained from device power source detection.
This table shows all the supported electrical power consumption levels of this agent and the corresponding modes of operation at those power levels. The mode of operation and the device capability changes as the supplied power level varies. The number o ...
Each entry shows a supported power level and the corresponding mode of operation.
This index uniquely identifies the supported power consumption level.
This is the electrical power consummed by the device operating at this supported power consumption level.
This is a text string describing the mode of operation or capability of the device at the power consumption level. For example, the comsumption level and corresponding mode should look like these: 1 'Full power mode' 2 'Low power mode - dot11radio 0 di ...
This collection of objects provide information about the supported electrical power level, current power consumption, and mode of operation of this agent.

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MIBs list