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The MIB module for the management of N_port Virtualization or NPV within the framework of Cisco's N_port virtualization (NPV) Architecture. N_Port virtualization reduces the number of Fibre Channel domain IDs in SANs. Switches operating in the NPV mode do not join a fabric; rather, they pass traffic between NPV core switch links and end-devices, which eliminates the domain IDs for these edge switches.

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This object enables/disables automatic rebalancing of the server to external interface assignments such that number of server interface assigned to the external interfaces are evenly distributed as much as possible. Redistribution of the server interfaces ...
A table containing information on the assignment of traffic map interfaces to an interface.
An entry (conceptual row) in the cnpvTrafficMapTable. This table contains entries for each of the interfaces which has been assigned a set of interfaces for traffic mapping. Traffic mapping is a technique used in NPV device to restrict the usage of extern ...
The ifIndex of the interface for the traffic to be mapped from.
The list of interfaces to which the traffic needs to be mapped to. This object is a list of interfaces presented as an Octet string of interface indices or ifindex-es. The list should contain at least one interface and at most all the interfaces in the sw ...
The value of sysUpTime at the time of the last change to this traffic map entry. When there has not been any change to the traffic map entry, the value of this field will be that of the entry creation time.
The storage type for this conceptual row.
The status of this conceptual row. The row can be made 'active' only if value of corresponding instance of cnpvTrafficMapToIfIndexList is provided.
A collection of objects for displaying and configuring NPV.

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MIBs list