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This MIB provides network management support to regulate the transmission of notifications generated by a system providing networking services. The system could be generating several notifications pertaining to various events. Allowing every notification to be transmitted out may lead to the network being flooded with an excess of network management traffic. Hence it is required to regulate the generation and transmission of notifications.

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This object represents the notification control mode. The semantics are as follows. noControl - There is no control on notifications. forcedControl - All notifications configured through cNotifCtrlTable are filtered at all times. automaticControl - Notifi ...
This object represents the current state of notification control. The semantics are as follows. controlOn - This indicates that notifications configured in cNotifCtrlTable are currently getting filtered on the system. This object will always be 'controlO ...
This object represents the threshold value to initiate controlling of notifications. Notifications will be controlled when the number of notifications generated by this system exceeds the threshold represented by this object in the sampling interval repr ...
This object represents the sampling interval in which the notification generation rate will be monitored. The configured value takes effect only when cNotifCtrlMode is set to 'automaticControl'.
This object represents maximum number of rows possible in cNotifCtrlTable.
This object represents the next available free index in the cNotifCtrlTable. This number can be used as an index to create a valid entry into cNotifCtrlTable. A value of 0 indicates that no free indices are available to create entries in cNotifCtrlTable.
This table represents the notifications to be controlled. To control a particular notification, user creates a row uniquely indexed by cNotifCtrlIndex using the cNotifCtrlRowStatus object. The storage type of each row is indicated by cNotifCtrlStorageTy ...
A conceptual row in cNotifCtrlTable and corresponds to the notification to be filtered.
This object uniquely identifies an entry in cNotifCtrlTable.
This object represents the notification to be controlled.
This object represents the storage type for this conceptual row in cNotifCtrlTable. A value of 'volatile' indicates that the entry won't be persistent across system reloads. A value of 'nonVolatile' indicates that the entry will be persistent across syst ...
This object represents the status of a conceptual row. Following objects are mandatory while creating an entry in this table: cNotifCtrlOID Entries can't be modified after the agent sets cNotifCtrlRowStatus to 'active'.
This object specifies a human readable string which has more descriptive information about the notification.
This collection of objects represents the configuration, monitoring and status parameters related to notification control.
The extended set of notification control variable(s).

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MIBs list