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The Netflow Data Export (NDE) MIB provides instrumentation for configuration and operation of the Netflow Data Export feature. A network flow is defined as an unidirectional sequence of packets between a given source and destination endpoints. Network flows are highly granular; flow endpoints are identified both by IP address as well as by transport layer application port numbers. NetFlow also utilizes the IP Protocol type, Type of Service (ToS) and the input interface identifier to uniquely identify flows. Netflow Data Export refers to the export of Netflow Data using UDP packets to Netflow Data Collector(s). A NetFlow Data Collector (NDC) captures, filters, aggregates, and stores the data from multiple NetFlow enabled devices. NDCs provide fast, scalable, and economical Netflow data.

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Maximum number of entries allowed in the cndeCollectorTable. A zero indicates unlimitted number of entries. The agent should set this value during initialization, and the vaule for this object cannot be changed during the system's operation
A control table to configure the NDE collectors. The maximum number of entries is limited by cndeMaxCollectors. The agent sends the NDE packets to each address configured in this table.
A conceptual row in the cndeCollectorEntry.
The type of Internet address used by this entry
The Internet address of the collector. This is the address which the Netflow data is exported to.
The transport port of the collector which the Netflow data is exported to.
The status object used to manage the rows in this table.
A collection of objects for configuring the Netflow Data Export Collectors and ports.

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MIBs list