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This MIB is intended to be implemented on all those devices operating as Central controllers, that terminate the Light Weight Access Point Protocol tunnel from Cisco Light-weight LWAPP Access Points. This MIB is used to configure web authentication parameters in the controller to manage clients' authentication. The mobile nodes are web-authenticated if they select the WLAN that has web security enabled.

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The type of web authentication for the clients. Web Authentication can be of three types; internalDefault - The default login page will be presented to the client for authentication. internalCustom - The administrator has created and uploaded a custom lo ...
This object is used to control the display of the Manufacturer Logo on the login page. A value of 'true' indicates that the Manufacturer logo will be displayed on the login page. A value of 'false' indicates that the Manufacturer logo won't be displayed o ...
The name of the custom logo file. The logo in this file will appear on the login page when the value of cLWebAuthType is 'internalDefault'.
The title text that appears on the login page of the clients when the value of cLWebAuthType is 'internalDefault'.
The message that appears on the login page of clients when the value of cLWebAuthType is 'internalDefault'.
The URL used to load client web page after successful authentication.
The URL to which the client web page will be directed for authentication. This object will be used when the cLWebAuthType object is set to 'external'. The configured URL should resolve to one of the Web Server IP addresses configured through cLWAExtern ...
This table provides the list of external web servers used for external web authentication. These are the addresses from which the controller will allow traffic before client authentication to show the login page. The controller is expected to use the serv ...
A conceptual row in cLWAExternalWebServerTable. Each entry corresponds to one external web authentication server whose address is represented by cLWAExternalWebServerAddr.
This object uniquely identifies one specific entry in this table.
The type of the Web Server address as represented by the value of the corresponding instance of 'cLWAExternalWebServerAddr'.
The Internet address of the Web Server from which traffic is allowed before client's authentication. Please note that the row creation will be successful only if the address of the Web Server represented by the values of cLWAExternalWebServerAddrType and ...
The status of the conceptual row used to create and delete specific instances of rows in this table. This object can not be set to 'active' unless the values of the corresponding instances of cLWAExternalWebServerAddr and cLWAExternalWebServerAddrType are ...
The table lists the user type for each user present in the controller. The user type can be guest or permanent.
This is a row in the cLWALocalNetUserTable. Each entry corresponds to a guest/permanent user present in the controller.
This object identifies the user name of the guest user or the permanent user in the controller.
This object is used to specify the type of user in the controller. A value of 'true' is used to specify a guest user and a value of 'false' is used to specify a permanent user.
This object indicates the name of the guest user.
This collection of objects is used for internal- default and internal-custom web-authentication.
This collection of objects is used for configuring Web servers for external web-authentication.
This collection of objects are part of the Guest Access related notifications by the controller.
This collection of objects is used for configuring guest user parameters.

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MIBs list