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This MIB is intended to be implemented on all those devices operating as Central controllers, that terminate the Light Weight Access Point Protocol tunnel from Cisco Light-weight LWAPP Access Points. Information provided by this MIB is about the configuration and monitoring of 802.11 wireless clients in the network.

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This table represents the calibration for the 802.11 wireless clients that would associate to the APs that have joined this controller. An entry is created through an explicit management action initiated by the administrator through a network management s ...
Each entry represents a conceptual row in this table and provides the information about the calibration parameters for wireless clients.
This object specifies the MAC address of the 802.11 wireless client for which the calibration parameters in this entry are applicable and uniquely identifies this entry.
This object specifies the time interval, expressed here in hundredths of a second at which an AP issues radio measurement request messages to a client for every SSID. It is not recommended to configure values less than 10 seconds (1000). The value config ...
The object that represents the status of a specific instance of a row in this table. Initially set to a value of 'createAndGo' by the User when a row is created, the status as represented by this object is automatically set to 'active' if and when the row ...
This object represents the upper limit on the number of entries in cLD11ClientCalibTable.
This collection of objects specifies the required calibration parameters for the 802.11 wireless clients.

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MIBs list