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This MIB is intended to be implemented on all those devices operating as Central Controllers (CC) that terminate the Light Weight Access Point Protocol tunnel from Light-weight LWAPP Access Points. This MIB provides configuration and status information about the ACLs on the controller. Particularly this mib covers the CPU ACLs for the wireless controllers. Traffic to the controller CPU comes from the NPU (Network Processing Unit). Using CPU ACLs, the user can place restrictions on type of traffic reaching the CPU of the controller from the NPU. CPU ACLs introduce an ACL for the traffic to the CPU of controller. With this ACL the type of packets reaching the CPU can be controlled. The mode of operation is as follows. The administrator designates one ACL for the traffic to the CPU. The ACL kicks in for packets from the NPU to the CPU. Each ACL is an ordered set of rules. If a rule matches then action for that rule is applied to the packet. The decision to send or drop the packet is taken based on the action parameter of the ACL. There will be no ACL for the packets from the CPU to the NPU.

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This table represents the ACL related parameters on the CPU of the controller. ::= { ciscoLwappCpuAcl 1 } SYNTAX ClaCpuAclEntry MAX-ACCESS not-accessible STATUS current DESCRIPTION Each entry represents a conceptual row in this tabl ...
This collection of objects represents the information about the general attributes of CPU ACL.

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MIBs list