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This MIB module is for monitoring of active layer 2 devices by hot standby layer 2 devices and the configuration of hot standby switch-over parameters.

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If the value of this variable is TRUE, this device is in monitoring or standby mode and it will poll for the health of the devices on the cl2DevMonActiveTable. If the value of cl2DevMonInStandbyMode is FALSE, it only can be set back to TRUE using command ...
Indicates whether cl2DevMonSwitchover notifications will or will not be sent by the device when it changes its cl2DevMonInStandbyMode to FALSE and becomes an active unit.
The table for active devices on the network being monitored by the hot standby monitoring unit. This table is on the hot standby monitoring unit. All entries on this table will only be added, deleted, modified using command user interface or SNMP request.
An entry in the cl2DevMonActiveTable table.
Mac address of the active unit to be monitored by this hot standby monitoring unit.
The frequency, in seconds, the active unit specified by cl2DevMonActiveMacAddress is polled for its health.
The total time, in seconds, the standby monitoring unit can tolerate the failure of polling of the active unit. After this duration, one more failure of the polling will trigger this hot standby monitoring unit to take over and become an active unit. It ...
The status column used for creating, modifying, and deleting instances of the columnar objects in the cl2DevMonActiveTable table. Creation of rows must be done via 'createAndGo' and all columns are mandatory. This object will become 'active' if the NMS pe ...
If the device being monitored is a IEEE 802.11 Wireless device, cl2DevMonActiveMacAddress is the remote device radio MAC address and this is the type of IEEE 802.11 Standard applies that radio: ieee802dot11a(1) - IEEE 802.11a Standard, ieee802dot11b(2) - ...
If the device being monitored is a IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN device, this is the ifIndex of a local radio of ifType ieee80211(71) used for the monitoring. If the local radio only supports to monitor only one remote radio, adding or updating multiple rows t ...
Management information to support operation of L2 monitoring and hot standby.
Management information to identify the MAC type of a IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN device and local radio ifIndex.

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MIBs list